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Harisi (desert Arabesc; Budinca Insiropata De Gris Cu Cocos; Semolina Cake)

Daca iti place reteta prezentata da un like pe butonul din stanga

Harisi (desert arabesc; budinca insiropata de gris cu cocos; semolina cake; Harissa, Harisa, Haresa)

* am adaugat coaja confiata de portocale
* am pus zeama de lamaie mai multa - 125 ml

Harisi (Harissa, Harisa or Haresa) is a sweet dessert semolina cake with soft and crunchy texture. This delicious cake is prepared from such ingredients as semolina, butter, baking soda, plain yoghurt and sugar. Some recipes may also include tahini or dried coconut. All the components are combined together into smooth batter mass which is then placed into the baking dish and topped with some sliced almonds and is left to bake until lovely golden brown. Once the cake is cooked, the syrup (made from water, sugar and fresh lemon juice) is poured over the cake – taste wonderful. (